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Extensive experience in modern business organizations with different sizes and nationalities, with special interest in R&D and Technical Dept. Expert in "change management" projects in the industrial, packaging and medical applications. Management skills, great energy, demonstrated ability to pursue the assigned objectives with persistence and vision. Leader capable of engaging with enthusiasm the key resources to the required change processes.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one to change himself.”

Lev Tolstoy


energy and love. It helps to boost your energy, to encourage the normal activities resumption after a period of "change". Stimulates production of endorphins, the hormones responsible for our welfare!

Extensive experience in product innovation and Research & Development. Multinational experience on various industrial sectors. Passion for innovation at 360° and great creativity, as well as a solid technical and technological background. Managerial skills, strong orientation to result of business where innovation must lead.

Along with Claudia and Annalisa a team of motivated and able professionals in order to provide stronger support and better results for your business.


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