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Design and Production of downstream equipment for extruded plastic pipes: hauls-off, saws, belling machines, packaging machines, automation and ancillary machines.

Valeria Giacomoni, MD and Alessia Beccati, FAC & HR Manager

Objectives to achieve:

# Better efficiency in the Technical Office (aware and planned Project Management, Lead Times reduction, achievement of assigned target costs, components' standardization and machines modularity, support from external technical contractors)

# Better control of product costs

Project development time: 8 months

" Claudia was able to identify, in an effective and professional way, projects and activities that could lead us towards the goals set by our company. She fell quickly into the business environment and established a good relationship with the people in the Technical Office, succeeding in creating a positive and mutual exchange.

The same did Tullia, who set up better short term planning with the Kanban and helped define a new role in the Technical Department.

Last but not least the benefits of the Design To Cost training we did with Annalisa. On this issue we will do a further workshop with Annalisa and Claudia and we expect it will give more oomph to the 3 innovative projects (three "green" machines for plastic pipes processing, designed to save energy, materials and costs) we brought at the fair K in Dusseldorf "


Design and Production of water, oil and vacuum pumps, fan supports and counter-rotating masses for the automotive industry.

Andrea Falchini, Industrial Director

Objectives to achieve:

# Training on the main techniques of Design To Cost

# Definition of 2 Pilot Projects for Target Costing and of a strategic tool, to be used during the planning phase, that must help respecting the target cost assigned by the Customer and assessing the product costs ex-ante

Project development time: 9 months

"... thanks to Annalisa and Claudia we made an internal training on the techniques of Design To Cost, also applying those principles in strategic projects for the future Company development and obtaining immediate results in terms of cost reduction, as well as we increased the awareness of the importance of costs factor in those people who are involved in the new products development process ... "

GUIROS, Costruzione Stampi e e Stampaggio ad iniezione di componenti in plastica

Moulds and Injection Molding of plastic components

Project Objectives:

# Re-engineering of the Order Management process to reach Production efficiencies

# Reorganization: new JD for the Technical Director and research for a matching person

Vanda Castelli, Chairman, and Giada Rossi, M.D.

"Claudia Miani has contributed in an effective and professional way to reach our company goals. She was able to quickly engaged in the productive context  establishing a good relationship with the middle managers, succeeding to create a positive and mutual opinions exchange that enabled the working team to identify the right solutions in order to optimize the processes."

SIDEL, Produzione di macchine automatiche per il riempimento di bottiglie

Design/Mfg automatic machinery for bottles filling in Parma

Project Objectives:

# Mentoring for women, to grow a female managers

# Leadership versus Management

# “Changing Map” definition

Annalisa Malfatto, Product Innovation Manager (Filling System)

"The Italian business is introducing feminine managers in strategic positions and is considerably reducing the average age of managers who play these roles. This occurred also in Simonazzi since the entry of Sidel, large multinational company belonging to the Tetra Pak group.

Together with Claudia I embarked on a path of personal and professional growth: # to enhance self-awareness in my abilities as woman who moves in a technical and masculine environment, # to ensure that my "femininity" may be perceived as added value for a manager who handle a very large and important team # to increase the capacity of a "masculine" approach that enable me to be considered part of the group and aggregation element (the man supports the man), # to grow and learn the new way of being a woman leader thanks to feminine alliances."

BOLOGNA ALMA MATER UNIVERSITY, Postgraduate Training Services

Cino Francioni and Shuela Sulbrizi, MIEX Program Manager and Tutor

"Claudia Miani has taught at MIEX, Master in International Management, Innovation and New Product Development Courses since 2010. Her lectures give always interesting ideas and contents thanks to the experience and know-how that she distributes with professionalism and availability to the International Master class. Follow her classes is always a great opportunity for growth, learning and professional training."

"No one can teach something to another man. He can only help him to pull off something that he has inside himself."

Galileo Galilei

CINNAMON: psychic powers, protection, success, money, healing, prosperity, friendship. It burns like incense, it is added to the bags and you can even prepare an infusion with a pleasant taste.


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