We had in mind to write a book since many years. Nothing to take too seriously, but since back in 2010 we realized to be among the very few in Italy to talk about Design To Cost, we thought it could make sense to collect some notes on the subject ... in Italian.

Then you know how are the dreams ... overwhelmed by the work and by the arrival of a sweet little baby.

We thus arrive at a point where ... we had to produce at least a PREVIEW of our magnum opus. And we succeeded! Magnum opus in "booklet", illustrated, semi-serious ... with the help of Marco Lazzari and Alessandra Tombesi, with the awareness that a "light" approach to the argument can contribute to its spread.

The dream of writing something broader and more complete is still there, but at least now you know what it is!

... The idea for now is to give you an appointment in the Spring, with a larger and more technological opus! ;)

In our booklet we describe in a practical, very simple and fun way all "core" items related to Design To Cost.

We presented our Design To Cost booklet at Innovation Executive Conference on November 26th, 2015 held at Kilometro Rosso :)

If you want to receive a FREE copy to test our skills and to to get a FREE advisory please contact us to arrange a meeting: we will visit you bringing the free copy with us!

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We organize tailor-made courses and we offer advice and support to Design To Cost projects.